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Health and Safety

We are in strict accordance with the health and safety measures from the BAG (Federal Department of Health). The following measures are in effect: 


General Information

  • Hygiene: There are disinfectants placed in entry areas of the rooms and sanitary facilities. Posters will inform you about hygiene and distance regulations. Staff wash their hands before taking up and regularly during work.

  • Distancing regulations demand 1.50 metres between people and seats in the public sitting areas. Please wear surgical facemasks whenever adherence to these regulations are not possible.

  • Surfaces in public areas are regularly disinfected (i.e. light switches, door handles, coffee machines, card terminals and keys upon return).

  • Contactless methods of payment are welcomed.



  • After check-out an extensive cleaning and disinfectant process of all surfaces and objects takes place. We adhere to the 4-colour-system: four colours stand for the different areas and for each room there’s new cleaning cloths. The rooms are well aired.

  • We try to avoid booking check-ins on the same day of check-outs, while the ideal vacancy period is set at a minimum of 48 hours.

  • During your stay you will not be disturbed, nor will we enter your room (exceptions for long-term stays can be negotiated if requested). We gladly provide towels for hands and body and/or further needs.


  • Staff suffering from a cold or other illnesses stay at home and follow the regulations set by the BAG (Federal Department of Health). We ask of our guests to do the same. Please stay at home in case you feel the coming of a cold or otherwise are feeling sick. We thank you!

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